Episode 5・57 min video

Niloo & Nina: This is how we killed our film careers

We talk about our life in the film industry, with Niloo working as a writer/director and Nina as an actor. We put in 6 years trying to become rich and famous, not knowing that we were doing it aggressively wrong the entire time… until it was too late.

Come find out…

🙋‍♀️ why selling out early and selling out fast is the BEST thing you can do
😬 the biggest mistake we kept making over and over again
🌟 if we dream of ever going back

Let's hang out!!

Episode 4 ・39 min video

Niloo & Nina: What makes a community work?

We talk about how our communities have changed over time, from the ones we had growing up in Iran and Bulgaria, to where we are now and what's changed.

We dive into...

🤝 What makes a community work
🕴 The trade offs between being an individual and belonging to a group
💡 What new communities in the 21st century could look like

Niloo and Nina: On Getting Older

Episode 3 ・1.5 hour video

Niloo & Nina: On Getting Older

We talk about turning 30 and how it's changed the way we think about family, money, career, and our relationships.

We talk about -

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Building closer relationships with our parents by setting strong boundaries
🤑 Our relationship with money and the role it has in our lives
🚀 The unique career paths we thought we'd chosen for ourselves... and how we fought to break out of them and find our own way
❤️ All the ways we've been shooting ourselves in the foot while dating

Niloo and Nina: Getting IN there

Episode 2 ・45 min video

Niloo & Nina: Getting IN there

Nina and I dig into the core of who we are and how we relate to each other, with a VERY FUN rendition of We're Not Really Strangers - a game designed to bring people together.

We talk about -

💕 Our first loves
👯‍♀️ How our personalities complement each other
⚔️ How we turned a potentially friendship-ending conflict into the biggest strength of our relationship

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Niloo and Nina: The Origin Story

Episode 1 ・30 min video

Niloo & Nina: The Origin Story

The inspiration for Good People is me and Nina's friendship. In this episode, we talk about how that friendship came to be.

We talk about -

👭 How we first met
👩‍💻 Building a dating app together (and our time at Techstars)
🛬 Rushing home from Brazil when COVID hit