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An unusual booklist on connection and belonging

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Make New Friends
Build Strong Relationships
Create Your Community

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It took quitting acting to teach me the importance of community

When I was trying to make it as an actor, I actively avoided having actor friends or becoming part of any acting communities. I just wanted to go to acting class, rehearse for auditions with my boyfriend, and grind it out til I got my break.

I just didn’t see the value or importance of community.

It seemed like there were only two options. 

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How to be yourself: The 4 qualities everyone needs to bring out their most authentic self

It took me a long time to learn how to be myself. And it’s something I still work at every day.

You’d think being yourself would be easy, but for most of us, it’s not. The negative experiences we go through teach us that it’s not okay to be yourself. That you need to change or hide who you are to be accepted.

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How I broke the ice and became a friendly person (+ 6 practical tips on how to be more outgoing!)

I wanted to share a secret with you today.

I’ve spent so much of my life feeling like the kid on the outside, with my face pressed against the window, trying to figure out what made everybody else connect and why I didn’t have it.

I was so jealous of all the people I met who were so effortlessly charming.

Wanna find the perfect way to meet new friends based on your unique strengths and personality? Answer a few key questions and you’ll get instant access to the ultimate cheatsheet for making new friends, based on what you’re already AWESOME at doing. Take the quiz!

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I'm learning what trusting your intuition really means

My relationship with intuition is complicated. It’s something I’ve been pretty disconnected from for most of my life. Something I’ve started paying attention to only recently.

My relationship with intuition is intertwined with my femininity, with my sense of self-compassion and self-respect, with getting older and thinking about what I want from the rest of my life.

being yourself

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3 unusual ways to practice being yourself

I’ve lived most of my life with walls 100 ft. high around the person I actually am. I never liked to show the things I cared about or was excited by or that made me laugh, because I was scared of being rejected for them. I waited til I knew people really cared about me, then another 5 years on top of that before actually showing them who I was.

That made it hard to make and keep friends, and it felt like I could never be my full self in relationships. Fear of being hurt, rejected, or found wanting kept me safe but detached from people.

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30 things I learned by my 30th birthday

For a good chunk of my twenties, I felt out of touch with myself.

If someone asked me what I wanted to do, I saw it as a frustrating game of trying to guess what they wanted. If someone asked me how I felt, I often wouldn’t be able to answer.

I just didn’t know, and I didn’t think it was important. My life revolved around people-pleasing and achieving at work.