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Create Your Community・12 min read

Ask a community leader how they think about community and they'll tell you, "EVERYWHERE!" - me, trying to make community jokes happen

Do you know what I love? I love grocery shopping.

I love grocery shopping so much, I would consider a side job working for Instacart.

Not in their head office, putting my company-building experience to great use, but on the ground. In the shelves.

Create Your Community・9 min read

Create a self-sustaining system for meeting new people with 8 quick ways to expand your social circle

Do you ever feel like your social life’s in a rut?

You have a few good friends and some coworkers you see regularly. But that’s about it. You’re not meeting new people you can connect with. And you don’t know how to meet them.

7 ways to make your neighbourhood feel like home

Create Your Community ・5 min read

7 ways to make your neighbourhood feel like home

Maybe you just moved to a new place and don’t quite feel at home yet, or maybe you’ve been in the same spot for years and still feel that same way. It can be hard to feel truly at home somewhere, especially in a big city. But you can change that with surprisingly little effort!

Here are 7 quick, easy, and FUN tips for getting to know your neighbourhood and finding new things to love about it. While Covid restrictions are in place some modifications might be needed, but you can do most of these without much adjustment!

Wanna find the perfect way to meet new friends based on your unique strengths and personality? Answer a few key questions and you’ll get instant access to the ultimate cheatsheet for making new friends, based on what you’re already AWESOME at doing. Take the quiz!

8 habits that lead to more spontaneous connections

Make New Friends | Create Your Community・5 min read

8 habits that lead to spontaneous connections

When we’re focused on “wanting connection”, we try to find it (and sometimes force it) with anyone who crosses our path. When we shift our focus to other things, we give ourselves room to breathe, and put a lot less pressure on our interactions.

But the problem with just letting spontaneous connections happen is that a lot of times, they don’t. When we leave things entirely up to chance, more often than not, we don’t meet anyone.

Here's what you can do to have more chance encounters.